Bella Luna’s Shibari Rope Recommendations



There are many ways to practice shibari/kinbaku/Japanese rope bondage. My recommendations included in this post are what I personally use and my content shows how I personally choose to tie/practice shibari.

I mainly do aesthetic and fashion self-ties and do not do any suspension.

By posting what I use does not mean it is the best for you or anyone else. My content is meant to inspire and show my own rope art.

Pease make sure to do your own research on the subject of shibari prior.

Knot & Rope Supply

1/4 in. Solid Braid MFP (multi-filament polypropylene)

Colors I use regularly: black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink

Everbilt 1/4 in. White Braided Polyester Clothesline

This is what I used to begin with and still use regularly! It’s easily accessible and a good price; perfect to try out and see if you’re interested in the hobby.

It comes in 100 ft. and I cut it into 3 x 33 ft bundles.

I also dye this rope with various colors of Rit Dye to create my own custom rope colors.

*Not recommended for suspension

Haul-Masters 1/4 in. Glow in the Dark Polypropylene Rope

This is the UV colored rope I use! It’s fluorescent polypropylene and can glow in the dark for up to 5 hours and be charged for up to 6 months (just put up to a light to gain the glow back).

It comes in 100 ft. and I cut it into 3 x 33 ft bundles.

*Not recommended for suspension