Temptation Cancun Resort Review – A Lifestyle Couple’s Honest Experience

Welcome to our review of Temptation Resort in Cancun, Mexico!

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First, a little background on us: we’re Bella and Jase, two high school sweethearts since 2007 who opened up our relationship in 2014. We’re currently both 30 years old at the time of this blog post, and we’ve been in the swinging lifestyle for 8 years.

Now, a little background on Temptation Resort: it’s a swinger lifestyle-friendly resort, which means that while it’s not specifically geared towards the lifestyle, it’s open to it. They market themselves as “playground for adults” and “spring break for adults,” which is really a perfect representation of what it feels like. It’s also all inclusive, making your vacation easy and fun without the fuss.

Photo courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resorts

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We found the crowd at Temptation was mostly 30-45, with quite a few bachelorette and bachelor parties and singles. Generally, it was a much more attractive and young crowd than we’re used to seeing compared to the typical swinger lifestyle scene. Many of the people we met were open-minded, but not near that many individuals or couples who were actively participating in the lifestyle or labeled themselves “lifestyle” or “swingers.” However, we did meet some couples in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s who were more established in the lifestyle.

Many of the people we met at Temptation described themselves as open-minded, but not necessarily lifestyle. We noticed the majority of single guys particularly and some of the open-minded couples didn’t quite have the same level of lifestyle etiquette as those who were more actively involved in the lifestyle.

It’s important to always communicate and respect boundaries, whether you’re in a lifestyle relationship or not. While we have played with people who are go-with-the-flow or open-minded in the past, we’ve found that boundaries can sometimes be crossed when people haven’t communicated enough in their relationship. This can lead to unexpected emotions and discomfort for everyone involved. That’s why we personally prefer being around couples who are more established in the lifestyle, as we feel like they tend to have better communication and boundaries in place.

It’s worth noting that Temptation Resort is much busier on the weekends compared to weekdays. On Saturdays, the resort will feel like it is at capacity and is a very different feel from Monday through Wednesday. We personally stayed there Monday-Wednesday, but our friend who was there throughout the weekend described the weekdays feeling only 25% as busy as the weekend.

If you are looking for a more busy and lively atmosphere at the resort, it’s highly recommended to visit on a weekend, specifically Thursday through Sunday.

Rooms & Amenities

Tower at Temptations Room, Photo courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resorts

When it comes to the property itself, Temptation Resort is quite large, with 430 rooms. There’s the “Towers at Temptation,” with more expensive rooms and access to the Sky Tower (known as Sky 3.5), which has an exclusive VIP section, with its own separate pool, hot tub, and casual restaurant. It’s less crowded than the other pool areas as well. However, access to these amenities was only granted to guests staying in the tower rooms or premier members,  as we found out when we were not allowed up to the Sky Tower with our friend who was staying in one of these rooms.

Garden View Room, Photo courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resorts

In addition to the tower rooms, there were also rooms located on either side of the property. We opted for a garden view room which we really liked because it was an easy walk to the pool and food options and was a quiet getaway from all the party action.

Regardless of the room type or building, they all had very similar same decor style and furniture. While the decor in the rooms were meant to be modern and funky, we thought it felt a little cheap, like it was trying to achieve a spring break vibe with Ikea-style furnishings.

The rooms themselves also seemed a bit worn down when looking up close in the corners and interestingly, the bathrooms had no shower doors, which we later learned was due to guests trying to fit too many people in the showers and breaking the doors, so they ultimately opted to remove them and design it as an open air shower space. This just made showers a bit colder than what we would have preferred.

Nothing to deter us away from having a fun and comfortable stay though! We overall thoroughly enjoyed the fresh vibe of the rooms.

Pools & Bars

Photo courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resorts

We were completely blown away by the size of the main party pool. The party pool is where all the events and games are held, and it has a ginormous pool bar that seemed to be the hub of activity during the day with everyone enjoying themselves.

In addition to the party pool, there is a quiet pool called, appropriately enough, the “Quiet Pool.” It’s a little bit smaller, but we really appreciated that because it provided a peaceful and quiet area to relax and get away from the crowds. The quiet pool also has its own bar, hot tubs, and plenty of chairs and shade.

We noticed most of the guests seemed to gravitate towards the main pool, which is huge and has features like whirlpools inside the pools itself and a huge awning for shade right by the connected and busy pool bar.

Bars & Drinks

Photo courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resorts

You won’t run out of places to get drinks since there are tons of bars around the property. In addition to the pool bars, there is a bar outside the lobby where the night time party is held, a bar inside the lobby, the exclusive Sky Tower bar, and you can order drinks at any of the many restaurants on the property when dining there.

Temptation is an all-inclusive resort, so your basic brands of alcohol and drinks are included, but premium alcohol and spirits are reserved for Premium guests only or for an extra cost.

The mini bar in your room’s mini-fridge was also included and restocked every day, which was nice and convenient. This was especially helpful for the water bottles.


One major thing to note is there is no playroom at Temptation. If you want a playroom, it’s your room or your friends’ room. There’s no on-premise playroom and that’s because it’s not a lifestyle resort, just lifestyle friendly. This resort is known for being or what they marketed as, “playground for adults” or “adult spring break.”


The beach area is a great place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the pool area. There are plenty of chairs available, and the beach itself is not usually very crowded. There are also specific areas for Premier Members and Tower guests if you want a more exclusive and private experience.

You can opt to paying extra to experience different excursions offered by the resort or along the beach, or leave the resort and explore Cancun.


Photo courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resorts

The resort has a variety of dining options, including a breakfast and lunch buffet and a Mexican buffet every night. There are also several restaurants to choose from, including a steakhouse with a live erotic dance show called She, an Asian restaurant with sushi and hibachi, an Italian restaurant, a seafood restaurant, an outdoor casual restaurant by the pool serving American classics like burgers and fries.

Make sure to make reservations for the interactive dance steakhouse restaurant called “She” early in the day because slots fill up fast. Jase stood in line about 40 minutes before reservations opened as the restaurant to secure us a date night there. Reservations are only made day-of and are not available in advanced.

While the food at the resort is generally decent, the cafe serving smoothies, coffee, tea, and pretzels, and the show at She were particularly noteworthy. It’s resort food – something for everyone, but nothing necessarily mind blowing. 

Late night snacks and comfort foods are also available for guests who have been partying and need a bite to eat before bed. This lasted all the way until early morning, up to approximately 4-5AM and really hit the spot after a long night of partying.

The restaurants’ decor and vibe was gorgeous. It really did live up to the modern, upscale, trendy, sexy, and vibrant vibe that the resort is going for. It was fun getting dressed up every night and have an intimate date night together before the theme night parties got started.


Temptation Resort’s staff, including the Playmakers, restaurant staff, and bar staff, were all highly attentive and provided excellent service.

The Playmakers, in particular, stood out for their friendliness, model-looks, and ability to bond with guests. They were always interactive and made an effort to get to know and have fun with the guests and were definitely a highlight of the vacation experience as they kept the party going with their infectious and fun energy.

The room cleaning staff were also efficient and thorough, and the bar and restaurant staff were friendly and attentive, although it may take longer to get a drink at the busier bars. Tipping can definitely help to expedite service at the bars and goes a long way for any of the staff members.

Gym & Spa

Photo courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resorts

The gym is very large with pretty much any equipment you need. It’s a really nice gym with hardly anyone ever in it, so you’re free to have a great workout if you’re looking for one.

The spa offers massages (both singles and couples), facials, beauty salon with manicures, pedicures, waxing, body painting, and hair services.


Temptation Resort offers a wide variety of activities and games, with the Playmakers as the main attraction. They host foam parties, dancing shows, and a variety of games at the pool, including a Mr. Temptation contest, a perfect couple contest, and naked tequila volleyball.

The foam parties are especially fun, with floaties, dancers, and a fun party vibe with all the guests. Pro tip: splash water on the foam to make it more manageable so you don’t get overwhelmed with the height of the foam!

There are also other games and activities throughout the day, such as trivia and volleyball. A schedule of events can be found on the TV in each guest room. Overall, the Playmakers and the activities they host are a major highlight of the resort and provide endless entertainment for guests.

Theme Nights

Photo courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resorts

Temptation Resort offers a variety of theme nights throughout the year, including animal print, lace and lingerie, and glitter and glam. These themes are a great opportunity for guests to get creative and have fun dressing up, although it seems that not all guests participate fully in the themes.

The resort’s theme nights are similar to those at a lifestyle/swingers club, and while women tend to be more enthusiastic about dressing up in theme, only about 50% of guests overall participate. The themes at Temptation Resort may change throughout the year for specific events and holidays and they completely change annually, so be sure to check the website for updates before your visit.

Night Time Entertainment & Dance Parties

The resort offers nightly shows that feature a variety of dancing and entertainment. The shows take place on a central stage and are located outside of the lobby, on a platform located on the second floor, overlooking the gorgeous Main Pool.

The shows did tend to start about 15-20 minutes late, but are well worth the wait as they are very fun and entertaining. In addition to the energetic dance shows that matched the theme nights, one night had almost a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show vibe – complete with the Playmakers and dancers walking around the stage area in beautiful lingerie with colorful costume-like wings.

Right after the show, the Playmakers engage with guests and will invite them onto the stage platform (which is just in the middle of the outside party area) to dance and get the night time party started. The music is diverse and well-balanced, featuring a mix of EDM, top 40, pop, 80s, and reggaeton. The DJ knew how to read the crowd and we highly praise his selection of music that was played throughout the daytime pool parties as well as night time parties.

Clothing Optional?

Temptation Resort is a topless optional resort, meaning that while nudity is not allowed, guests are allowed to go topless if they choose at the pool and hot tub areas.

We found about half of the women guests were topless, although it is not required and no one will make you feel pressured to do so. It is important to note that everything at the resort is consensual and no one will be made to feel uncomfortable if they do not want to go topless.

Many women also chose to wear pasties instead of fully topless as well and the overall vibe of the pool was “upscale resort” with many ladies wearing fashionable bikinis. While it is topless optional, guests should feel comfortable with their own level of clothing or lack thereof.

“Boobs Cruise”

There is an optional excursion called the Boobs Cruise, which takes place on Mondays and Fridays. The Boobs Cruise is not affiliated with the resort, but many Temptation guests choose to participate.

The Boobs Cruise is a 4-6 hour party on a boat and is known for being wild, with reports of many people having sex on board. The excursion is all-inclusive and includes lunch and alcohol.

Some guests have reported that the single male attendees at Temptation Resort are not always well-behaved and can be creepy or disrespectful. Because of this, we chose to opt-out of Boobs Cruise as we would want to go with a group of friends or specific group that is part of the lifestyle community.

Since we’re accustomed to public sex acts as we’re regular guests at full swinger resorts, cruises, hotel takeovers, and clubs, we didn’t find this activity to be particularly exciting, but we can see how someone who isn’t used to swinger lifestyle activities could be excited to try out an excursion like this.


We enjoyed the high energy vibe, vibrant guests, younger demographic, and the playmakers at the resort, but we also noticed that the majority of guests were not actually part of the swinger lifestyle community and the resort tends to attract a lot of people (groups of singles specifically) who are there to party. 

Based on our experience, we would recommend Temptation Resort for those looking to have a good time, but we would caution that it may not be the best choice for those solely seeking the lifestyle aspect of a resort.

We loved our time there and would definitely go back, but we would do both Temptation and Desire Riviera Maya during the same trip and we would prefer to split our stay between the two, perhaps spending three or four days at Temptation followed by a break in an Airbnb or different hotel before continuing the trip at Desire RM. We would make sure to spend Thursday-Sunday at both resorts since it’s the most lively and fun during the weekends. This way we can have our cake and eat it too!

Another thing to note is Temptation would most likely be our top resort pick if it was fully or majority swinger lifestyle couples/people. A full lifestyle takeover at Temptation Resort would be ideal in our opinion for a young swinger lifestyle couple looking for a fun, vibrant, party vibe with more people similar in age (late 20s-30s).

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